Marketing communication contracters

We have been marketing communication contracters since 1989. We run campaigns to the specific needs of our clients who can depend on specialist knowledge and a small but dedicated account team that orchestrates and manages all parties involced in the project. Both organizational and financial. With focus on cost efficiency, short production times, elegant IT solutions, full report functionality and userfriendly interfases, all based on the client’s specs and expectations.

Think Global act local

Our strong suite is to run generic campaigns and cummunication flows by smart IT solutions but with eye for local details and interpretations. Wether you have to integrate local dealerships, stores or partners, our projects are build up in such a manor that local specs can be executed when needed in a certain period. Also local images, Urls, video and texts can be included in the flow as well as nationwide sales offers and promotions. In our solutions we always use internationally recognised products and services so our solutions are always interchangeable with other contractors and internal procedures. We work with SendInBlue, Lightspeed, Exact, WordPress, Teamleader, Woocommerce and Salesforce.


RMSC has a strong group of partners with whom we have relationships for over more than 10 years in majority. This means deep mutual understanding about the way steps in the flow can be executed in the best possible way. Short lines of communication and reliable briefing and de-briefing procedures. Kopak-MrParker


Our clients are very happy with their relationship with RMSC but are ,for both tactical as strategical reasons, not open to share information publicly. If you are interested in the services of RMSC and want to talk to our customers, we will arrange these contact for you on a confidential basis.


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